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The 28 Governors of Hong Kong

Updated December 29, 2014 (layout and image only)

Henry Pottinger. Credit: Twentieth Century Impression of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Other Treaty Ports of China.
The Firstst - Henry Pottinger 砵甸乍
June 1843 - May 1844

Born 1789, died 1856; Irish; Belfast Royal Academy; army general officer; second Administrator of Hong Kong (August 1841 – June 1843)

Pottinger is remembered as the British general to have won the First Opium War and claimed Hong Kong as a British colony; the lead negotiator and signatory of the Treaty of Nanking (1842); the first governor of Hong Kong and one who established the Legislative Council in Hong Kong

The Treaty of Nanking. Credit: Encyclopaedia Britannica

John Francis Davis. Credit: "Twentieth Century Impression".
The 2nd - John Francis Davis 戴維斯
May 1844 - March 1848

b.1795-d.1890. Variant names: in Chinese 爹核士.

Samuel George Bonham, 1861. Credit: (British) National Portrait Gallery.
The 3rd - Samuel George Bonham 文咸
March 1848 - April 1854

Variant names: in Chinese 般咸

John Bowring. Credit: Acta Scientrium Negensis.
The 4th - John Bowring 寶寧
April 1854 - May 1859

Hercules George Robert Robinson
The 5th - Hercules George Robert Robinson 夏喬士·羅便臣
September 1859 - March 1865

Richard Graves Macdonell. Credit: "Twentieth Century Impression".
The 6th - Richard Graves Macdonell 麥當奴
March 1866 - April 1872

Arthur Edward Kennedy, ca.1878. Credit: State Linrary of Queensland.
The 7th - Arthur Edward Kennedy 堅尼地
April 1872 - March 1877

John Pope-Hennessy, wood engraving, ca.1891. Credit: State Library of Victoria
The 8th - John Pope-Hennessy 軒尼詩
April 1877 - March 1882

George Ferguson Bowen
The 9th - George Ferguson Bowen 寶雲
March 1883 - December 1885

George William Des Voeux. Credit: "Twentieth Century Impression".
The 10th - George William Des Voeux 德輔
October 1887 - May 1891

William Robinson
The 11th - William Robinson 威廉·羅便臣
December 1891 - January 1898

Henry Arthur Blake. Credit:
The 12th - Henry Arthur Blake 卜力
November 1898 - July 1903

Matthew Nathan
The 13th - Matthew Nathan 彌敦
July 1904 - April 1907

Frederick Lugard, 1924. Credit: (British) National Portrait Gallery.
The 14th - Frederick Lugard 盧押
July 1907 - March 1912

Francis Henry May
The 15th - Francis Henry May 梅含理

1860    Born, Dublin, Ireland
1881    Graduated, Trinity College, Dublin
1881    Colonial Administration Cadet, Hong Kong
1886    Private Secretary to G. W. Des Voeux, 10th Governor of Hong Kong
1891    Assistant Colonial Secretary, Hong Kong
           Married to Helena Barker
1893    Captain Superintendent of Police, Hong Kong
1902    Colonial Secretary, Hong Kong
1910    Governor of Fiji
1912    15th Governor, Hong Kong
1919    Retired
1922    Died, Suffolk, England

Honors          K. St. J., J.P. For Suffolk, C.M.G. (1985), G.C.M.G (1919)
Publications   Guide to Cantonese Colloquial, Yachting in Hongkong
Namesake      May Road, May Hall, Helena May Foundation

Reginald Edward Stubbs. Credit:
The 16th - Reginald Edward Stubbs 司徒拔
September 1919 - October 1925

Cecil Clementi. Credit: Gwulo: Old Hong Kong.
The 17th - Cecil Clementi 金文泰
November 1925 - February 1930

William Peel
The 18th - William Peel 貝璐
May 1930 - May 1935

Andrew Caldecott. Credit: (British) National Portrait Gallery
The 19th - Andrew Caldecott 郝德傑
December 1935 - April 1937

Geoffry A.S. Northcote. Credit: (British)National Portrait Gallery
The 20th - Geoffry Alexander Stafford Northcote 羅富國
November 1937 - May 1940

The 20th
Geoffry Alexander Stafford Northcote (羅富國)
In Office: November 1937 - May 1940

The 21st
Mark Aitchison Young (楊慕琦)
In Office: September 1941 - May 1947

The 22nd
Alexander William George Herder Grantham (葛量洪)
In Office: July 1947 - December 1957

The 23rd
Robert Brown Black (柏立基)
In Office: January 1958 - March 1964

The 24th
David Clive Crosbie Trench (戴麟趾)
In Office: April 1964 - October 1971

The 25th
Murray MacLehose (麥理浩)
In Office: November 1971 - May 1982

The 26th
Edward Youde (尤德)
In Office: May 1982 - April 1987


The 27th
David Wilson (衛奕信)
In Office: April 1987 - July 1992

The 28th
Christopher Francis Patten (彭定康)
In Office: July 1992 - June 1997


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