Thursday, August 13, 2009 | By: Rudi Butt

Degree Congregation of the University of Hong Kong

December 14, 1916, for 23 students and 5 honorary graduates --- another 4 would be added in the same year

The graduates are: 12 in Engineering - 傅秉常, 鄧應霖, 梁乃恒, 何永乾, 葉衍芳, 凌文禮, 韋榮翰, 韋榮駱, 黃泰初, Lau Chan, Lai Hau-yeung and Chan Iu-choo; 8 in Medicine – 周懷璋, 林宗揚, Cheah Tiang-eam, Cheong Chee-hai, Wong Hing-chuen, Teoh Cheng-toe, Teh Lean-swee and Lim Soon-kian; and 3 in Arts – 林棟, 李景康 and Li Tsok -lun.


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