Thursday, August 13, 2009 | By: Rudi Butt

Honorary Graduates of the University of Hong Kong

Doctors of Laws (LLD): 1916, 14th Hong Kong Governor Frederick J.D. Lugard (盧押), archaeologist Louis Finot (路易士芬諾), the Father of Railways in China - Tien Yow Jeme (詹天佑), French explorer and archaeologist Captain Paul Pelliot (伯希和), Robert Ho Tung (何東), , Indonesia based industrialist - Pat Sze Cheung (張弼士), Indonesia based industrialist - Chang Yew Hin (張耀軒), Malaya based banker and industrialist - Loke Yew (陸佑) and medical doctor Lien Teh Wu (伍連德), known as the “Plague Fighter” because of his work in controlling plague in China in 1910s.

A dignified Loke Yew, wearing the Honorary Degree of Doctor's gown when he was conferred the prestigious title in 1916.


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