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Finding Freemasons in Hong Kong, 1841-1941

Updated December 16, 2014


Finding Freemasons in Hong Kong has always been something I wanted to tackle ever since I began my research on early residents of Hong Kong. By nature, it is a difficult task because the Masonic Order was a secret society (and still is, even though a lot less so)[1]. On top of that, I have read, almost all of the pre-1942 records of Freemasons and their lodges in Hong Kong were destroyed during the Pacific War. None of these, however, do much to deter my blind ambition to embark on this journey. Why? “Because it's there.” I do realize it's kind of cocksure for me to quote these words, after all I'm no George Mallory and this remark was made after he came down from the Everest, not when he was heading up... but here I am, it hasn't been done yet (as far as I know) so it is mine to claim being the first. (11/6/2014)


Masonic Lodges


  1. As in the case of other biographical dictionaries I am compiling, the first order of business is to find as many names as possible and put them in the roll, adding basic information where possible. Once that's done, I will then begin to work on the biography of each subject individual.
  2. The word “unknown” used in this post generally means “unknown to me” as opposed to nobody knows. In some cases, these are matters I think I know but do not know for a fact.


Eastern Scotia Lodge No. 923 S.C.[1] (chartered February 6, 1902)
Naval and Military Lodge No. 848 S.C. (chartered May 6, 1897)
Perseverance Lodge No. 1165 E.C.[2]
Royal Sussex Lodge No. 735 E.C.
St John's Lodge No. 618 S.C.
United Service Lodge No. 1341 E.C.
University Lodge No..3666 E.C.
Victoria Lodge No. 1026 E.C.
Zetland Lodge No. 525 E.C.

[1] Scottish Constitution.
[2] English Constitution.

(Found 300 as of December 16, 2014. Slowly but surely, I'm getting there!)
[N.B.] Click on the name header to display / hide its contents


Adams, William Stanley (St. John's 618)
Ainslie, David Hunter (Zetland 525)
Allan, F. (St. John's 618)
Allen, W.S. (Victoria 1026)
Allison, A. (Naval & Military 848)
Allison, A.J. (Naval & Military 848)
Anderson, George Cobban (Zetland 525)
Anderson, J. (St. John's 618)
Anderson, W. (St. John's 618)
Andrew, John Ingram (St. John's 618)
Andrew, J.J. (St. John's 618)
Angle, F.W.G. (United Service 1341)
Arnold, C.D. (Naval & Military 848)
Arthur, H. (Perseverance 1165)
Aslett, F. (St. John's 618)
Ayres, Philip Bernard Chenery


Bailey, W.H. (St. John's 618)
Baker, Henry George (United Service 1341)
Ball, James Dyer (Zetland 525)
Ball, W. (Zetland, 525, St. John's 618)
Barrett, W.C. (Victoria 1026)
Barry, T.A. (Naval & Military 848)
Beanas, W.H.T. (St. John's 618)
Beauchamp, S.T. (United Service 1341)
Belly, S.J.R. (St. John's 618)
Bevan, W.F. (Zetland 525)
Bishop, C.W.E. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Blair, D.K. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Blake, Henry Arthur 卜力 (Quatuor Coronati Lodge)
Blake, J. (Naval & Military 848)
Boauos, W. (St. John's 618)
Bonner, E.A. (Perseverance 1165)
Bottenheim, Arthur Harold (Perseverance 1165)
Bovan, W. (Zetland 525)
Bowen, D. (United Service 1341)
Brewer, L. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Brewitt, August Heinrich Wilhelm Paul (Perseverance 1165)
Bridger, H.B. (St. John's 618)
Bridges, William Thomas
Brown, John McLeavy(Victoria 1026)
Bryan, J.J. (Zetland 525)
Budden, F.C. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Bullin, J.J. (United Service 1341)
Burling, W.J. (Naval & Military 848)


Caldwell, Daniel Richard 高和爾
Caldwell, George Arthur (Zetland 525)
Cameron, J.J. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Campbell, H.F. (St. John's 618)
Campbell, L. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Carter, E.S. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Chan Tai-kwong 陳大光
Chapman, E.A. (Naval & Military 848)
Chater, Catchick Paul (Perseverance 1165)
Christie, A. (United Service 1341)
Christie, James Douglas (St. John's 618)
Claret, W.E. (Naval & Military 848)
Clarke, Francis
Clemo, F.C. (St. John's 618)
Cleverly, Charles Siant George 基化厘
Cooke, Robert
Cornell, F.H. (Zetland 525)
Cotter, L.L. (St. John's 618)
Coulson, E.W. (St. John's 618)
Course, A. (St. John's Lodge 618)
Cox, G.C. (Zetland 525)
Coysh, C.W. (Naval & Military 848)
Crago, J.M. (Victoria 1026)
Craik, J. (St. John's 618)
Crapnell, Albert Edward (Zetland 525)
Croker, J.W. (St. John's 618)
Cullen, F. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Cullen, W. (United Service 1341)
Cunningham, George (St. John's 618)


Dand, A.A. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Davidson, A.W.E. (St. John's 618)
Davidson, J. (St. John's 618)
Davidson, N.K. (St. John's 618)
Dawson, E.W. (Naval & Military 848)
Dealy, J. (United Service 1341)
Death, A.D. (Zetland 525)
Dennys, Henry Lardner (Perseverance 1165)
Devney, W. (St. John's 618)
Dickie, James (St. John's 618)
Dolley, W.H. (United Service 1341)
Donkin, C.F.L. (Zetland 525)
Drew, W.Clement (Zetland 525)
Drinker, Sandwith (Zetland 525)
Driscoll, T.N. (Zetland 525, St. John's 618)
Drude, R. (St. John's 618)
Dykes, J.S. (St. John's 618)


Eccleshall, Sidney (Naval & Military 848)
Edwards, E.J. (Naval & Military 848)
Eitel, E.J.
Elson, W.T. (St. John's 618)
Emanuel, J.M. (Victoria 1026, Zetland 525, St. John's 618)
Evans, A. (United Service 1341)


Fagan, William John (Zetland 525)
Falconer, M. (Zetland 525)
Farmer, W. (East Scotia 923, St. John's 618)
Ferguson, J.C. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Fitches, D.C.W. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Fittock, C. (Eastern Scotia 923, Zetland 525)
Fitzgerald, J.N. (Naval & Military 848)
Flint, R. (Zetland 525)
Focken, C.F. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Ford, William Levy
Foster, F.H. (Naval & Military 848)
Fox, J.S. (Zetland 525)
Fraser-Smith, Robert (St. John's 618)
Fung, Frederick Charles Mow (St. John's 618)


Garrod, H.G. (United Service 1341)
Garton, F.K. (St. John's 618)
Gibbons, J.A. (Naval & Military 848)
Gillard, A. (Naval & Military 848)
Gillies, David(Zetland 525)
Gimblett, J (United Service 1341)
Gittins, H. (St. John's 618)
Glendenning, W. (St. John's 618)
Goldring, P.W. (Victoria 1026)
Goodings, Robert (Zetland 525)
Goodwin, A.P. (St. John's 618)
Goulborne, W. (United Service 1341)
Gourdin, Alston O'Driscoll (Victoria 1026)
Grace, C.H. (Victoria 1026)
Graham, J.W. (Eastern Scotia 923, Zetland 525)
Grant, G. [or C.] (St. John's 618)
Grimble, George (Victoria 1026)


Hageiberg, J (Victoria 1026)
Harker, B.B. (Zetland 525)
Harris, W. (United Service 1341)
Hart-Milner, John L. (St. John's 618)
Harvey, D. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Hatherly, Ernest William Finner
Hazeland, Francis Arthur
Heaysman, D.S. (St. John's 618)
Hickie, S.D. (Zetland 525)
Highy, Walter (Eastern Scotia 923)
Hill, A.W. (Naval & Military 848)
Hill, D.S. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Hinds, E.H. (Perseverance 1165)
Ho Kai (St. John's 618)
Hoggard, F. (St. John's 618)
Hoile, H.E.A. (United Service 1341)
Holyoak, Percy Hobson 何理玉 (Perseverance 1165)
Honey, H. (Naval & Military 848)
Hooper, Augustus Shelton
Horley, H. (Naval & Military 848)
Hough, T.F. (District Grand Lodge, Hong Kong and South China)
Howell, F. (St. John's 618)
Hughes, John Owen (Victoria 1026)
Hunt, R.J. (Naval & Military 848)
Hursthouse, H. (Perseverance 1165)
Hutcheson, J.S. (Naval & Military 848)
Hyatt, P.D. (Naval & Military 848)
Hyde, J. (St. John's 618)


Inglis, A.L. (Perseverance 1165)


Jack, J.M. (St. John's 618)
Jack, W.C. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Jenkins, [s.n.] (United Service 1341)
Jensen, C. (St. John's 618)
Jewitt, T.H. (St. John's 618)
Jillings, H. (St. John's 618)
Johnston, A. (Zetland, 525, St. John's 618)
Jones, J.N. (United Service 1341)
Jordan, Gregory Paul


Keating, J (Zetland 525, St. John's 618)
Kent, W. (United Service 1341)
King, E.R. (St. John's 618)
King, W. (Zetland 525)
Kinghorn, J.W. (St. John's 618)
Kirschmann, L. (St. John's 618)
Knyvett, P.K. (Perseverance 1165)


Lambert, J. (Zetland 525)
Lammert, Geore P. (Victoria 1026)
Last, F. (Naval & Military 848)
Lawrence, A. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Lee, Richard Charles 利銘澤
Lena, Alexander
Lewis, E.C.L. (United Service 1341)
Liang, J.M. (St. John's 618)
Linstead, Theophilus Gee
Lintott, C.F. (Naval & Military 848)
Lloyd, Francis Lindsay
Locke, F.J.T. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Lockhead, J. (St. John's 618)
Loder, H.J. (Naval & Military 848)
Logan, D.C. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Logan, J.S. (St. John's 618)
Longstaff, J.T. (United Service 1341)
Longuet, C.W. (Victoria 1026)
Lowe, A.R. (Perseverance 1165)
Lowe, J.C. (Zetland 525)
Lowrie, John


Ma Luk 馬祿臣
MacDonald, Donald (Zetland 525)
MacDonnel, Richard Graves 麥當奴 (Provincial Grand Lodge of South Australia, IC)
MacKay, J.C. (St. John's 618)
Mackenzie, Murdo MacAulay
Madar, A.R. (United Service 1341)
Main, Edward J. (St. John's 618)
Manwaring, A.E. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Marsh, T.W. (Zetland 525)
Marwick, Jr., Richard
Maxwell, J. (Zetland 525, United Service 1341)
McCubbin, J. (St. John's 618)
McGlashen, J. (Eastern Scotia 923)
McGregor, Gregor (Zetland 525)
McIntosh , J.S. (St. John's 618)
McLaggan, T.O. (St. John's 618)
McLeod, J.M. (Naval & Military 848)
McPherson, John Livingstone (University Lodge 3666)
Melbourne, C.A.D. (Perseverance 1165)
Mirow, E. (Victoria 1026)
Mitchell, J. (St. John's 618)
Mitchell, Robert (Zetland 525)
Mody, Hormusjee Naorojee
Morgan, W.A. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Morris, A. (Zetland 525)
Mossop, J. (Zetland 525)
Muir, J.D. (Zetland 525)
Murray, J. (St. John's 618)


Nicol, T.S.B. (Eastern Scotia 923)


O'Neill, J.J. (Zetland 525)
Oliver, J.W.L. (Zetland 525)


Paine, A.E. (Zetland 525)
Parkes, J. (Zetland 525)
Partington, T. (St. John's 618)
Piercy, G. (Zetland 525)
Poison, J.C. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Poy, W.G. (St. John's 618)
Pryce, C. (Zetland 525)
Purcell, W.H. (Zetland 525)


Ralphs, E. (Zetland 525)
Ramsay, P.W.H. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Ramsay, W. (St. John's 618)
Rawlinson, H.R. (Zetland 525)
Ray, Edward Constant
Ray, E.H. (Victoria 1026)
Reynolds, Cecil Edward
Richards, T.J. (St. John's 618)
Ridley, W. (United Service 1341)
Rienaecker, Robert (Zetland 525)
Ritchie, A. (Eastern Scotia 923, St. John's 618)
Roberts, J. (United Service 1341)
Robertson, W. (St. John's 618)
Robins, F. (United Service 1341)
Robinson, W.C. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Rubie, G. (United Service 1341)


Sayer, George John Budds (Zetland 525)
Sayer, H.W. (Zetland 525)
Schmidt, W. (St. John's 618)
Scott, J.B. (Zetland 525)
Seath, William Petrie (St. John's 618)
Selby, J.A.R. (St. John's 618)
Sewell, T. (Victoria 1026, St. John's 618)
Sharp, Ernest Hamilton (Perseverance 1165)
Sidewell, W.H. (Naval & Military 848)
Sim, G. (St. John's 618)
Sims, W.A. (Perseverance 1165)
Skelton, A.H. (Zetland 525)
Skinner, J. (St. John's 618)
Skyes, H. (Zetland 525)
Smith, F.R. (Perseverance 1165)
Smith, J. (Naval & Military 848)
Smith, J. (St. John's 618)
Spafford, T. (Naval & Military 848)
Stephen, J. (St. John's 618)
Stewart, J. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Swales, G.H. (Zetland 525)


Tarbuck, A. (Naval & Military 848)
Tarrant, J.A. (St. John's 618)
Taylor, A.K. (St. John's 618)
Taylor, G.A. (Zetland 525)
Taylor, M. (United Service 1341)
Taylor, W.K. (St. Baldred 313, St. John's 618)
Thurlow, [s.n.] (United Service 1341)
Thwaites, E. (United Service 1341)
Tomlin, George Loman
Torrill, W.J. (Zetland 525)
Townshend, H.B. (Zetland 525)
Tutcher, W.J. (Zetland 525)
Tyndale-Lea, C.J. (St. John's 618)


Vanstone, James (Perseverance 1165, St. John's 618, United Service 1341, Victoria 1026, Zetland 525)


Walstow, A.T. (United Service 1341)
Ward, C.W. (United Service 1341)
Watt, G. (St. John's 618)
Watts, F.W. (St. John's 618)
Wei Yuk (St. John's 618)
Wells, L. (St. John's 618)
West, J.C. (Naval & Military 848)
Whiley, W.J.G. (Victoria 1026)
Whyte, J.J. (Eastern Scotia 923)
Wickham, [s.n.] (Zetland 525)
Williams, H. (United Service 1341)
Willmott, J. (Zetland 525)
Wilson, G. (Naval & Military 848)
Wilson, J. (Zetland 525)
Winchester, Charles Alexander (Aberdeen)
Winter, J.B. (Zetland 525)
Witchell, Samuel Job (St. John's 618)
Withers, W.B. (United Service 1341)
Wohlters, A. (St. John's 618)
Wokey, E. (Zetland 525)
Wolfe, H.W. (United Service 1341)
Woo Pak-chuen 胡百全
Wright, T. (Zetland 525)
Wu Lai-woon (Hu Liyuan) 胡禮垣


Yule, John Alexander (Celtic 291 [Edinburgh & Leith])



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