Wednesday, August 26, 2009 | By: Rudi Butt

Horse Shoer

George Duddell made the following announcement on the Friends of China on May 27, 1848

Ferriery corner of Wellington and Wyndham Street, Victoria. Mr. Duddell begs to inform the community of Hongkong, that he has engaged an English Horse Shoer, and will open a Ferriery in all its branches on the above premises on ... ; and is confident that the moderate charge of $1.5 per Horse together with attention and despatch, will produce him a share of Public Patronage.

Duddell made his fortune in land speculations in Hong Kong and retired back to the U.K. only in his 30s. He, at one time, held the opium monopoly, known as an 'Opium Farmer', for the exclusive right to prepare and sell opium in Hong Kong. The Duddell Street in Central, with the 2 surviving gas street lamps, is named after him.


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