Friday, August 14, 2009 | By: Rudi Butt


1920, founded by Fok Hing Tong (霍慶棠, wife of Ma Ying Bil who is the founder of Sincere Department Stores) and her sister, Fok Shui Yue (霍絮如) and friends Wu So Ching (胡素貞, principal of St. Paul's Girls' College) and Ng Bik Yuen (吳碧絃). The association, when established, had 81 founding members and 12 founding Board Members.

Founding members of YWCA, 1920

Fok, wife of the owner of the Sincere Department Stores, became a legend having worked as the first sales lady at the cosmetic department of the store --- to encourage women in Hong Kong to apply for the position of sales person in a department store, a position only held by men until she broke the unwritten rule.


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